"Young Lions" prep for Detroit Tourney!

Michigan is known for many things: its car industry, the surrounding Lakes, great universities, Motown Records, and the great city of Detroit ("The Motor City"). The city is also known for its "Lions." No…  not the professional football team that has been stinking up every stadium they play in, but the young chess players at Detroit's Burton International School.

A recent article in DETNEWS.com featured the school and profiled players who extolled the merits of the game/sport. Revving up his team mates for an upcoming competition, team captain
Maurice Small, 14, delivered some encouragement.

"You can do it," said Small, a member of the team for three years. "Just because they may look like they are good doesn't mean they are. They may be older and have a higher rating, but it doesn't mean they are as good as us."

Words of a spirited competitor and perhaps a future chess master.

The article penned by
Valerie D. Lockhart was certainly a tribute to chess and it's inherent benefits in playing. William Peavy, an organizer with the School is the Heart of the Community, mentioned that chess helped with discipline, confidence, mentors and strategy skills. This statement is certainly backed by the multitude of studies having been conducted in this area.

Burton will be among 18 Detroit Public Schools participating in the citywide competition from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. March 30th at the
African Heritage Cultural Center High School, 21511 W. McNichols. Detroit's Parks and Recreation department sponsors the event, which is free for onlookers and open to all Detroit Public Schools.

Valerie Lockhart, "Kids Prep for Detroit Chess Tourney," DETNEWS.com, 20 March 2002.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 22 March 2002