Chess Tiger 14.0 Strongest Computer Software at 2715!! has posted the SSDF list of ratings of computer software programs. To show you have things have changed since the early days, you can now have a super-GM on your desktop. The latest list has Chess Tiger 14.0 rated at a meteoric 2715!! Deep Fritz, who had topped the last seven lists, was second at 2711. The others in the top five (with same specs) were: Gambit Tiger 2.0 (2696), Junior 7.0 (2681), and Shredder 5.32 (2664).  All ratings are based on machines running with 256 megabytes of  RAM and 1.2 Gigahertz processor.

Deep Fritz will play
GM Vladmir Kramnik in a highly-contested match in a showdown between carbon and silicon. Last time out, the silicon won as Deep Blue bested GM Garry Kasparov in a controversial match. There will always be those who question the human-computer experiments , but in the age of "Big Brother," humans still want to know that intuition and instinct will win over brute calculating force. At least that's the way it always ends in the movies.

SSDF Rating List for Chess Software

Posted by The Chess Drum: 2 January 2002