Uganda to send representatives to compete in British Championships


Nations affiliated the British Commonwealth have traditionally participated in the country's Chess Championship for quite some time. In the past Indian, Caribbean, and African nationals have made the trek to gain experience and chances for norms. In the recent past, IMs Odion Aikhoje (Nigeria) and Amon Simutowe (Zambia) have make respectable results in a country  powered by a rich chess tradition. This year, Uganda will be the latest African nation to make a strong foray into British chess by sending two players to the championship late this month. Willy Zabasajja and Charity Nanteza (one of Uganda's top female players) have been nominated to participate in the championship which lasts from 29th of July through the 11th of August. National player Grace Nsubuga is still in the U.S. and will be competing in the U.S. Open in Massachusetts.  Best of wishes to the Ugandan nationals in their tournament efforts!

Editor's Note: Daniel Nsibambi has retained his position at the helm of the Ugandan Chess Federation for a two-year term. This decision was made at recent elections made at the Sports Council headquarters.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 27 July 2001