FM Emory Tate shocks Kudrin with 24-move stunner!!

FM Emory Tate has been producing some of the most exciting chess of any U.S. player to date. FM Tate is certainly a crowd and player favorite as he is a candidate each round to produce some interesting idea on the 64-square matrix. In this tournament, FM Tate sent vibrations around the tournament hall as word got out that he had stunned GM Sergey Kudrin on the Black side of a Sicilian. . . dispatching the Russian émigré in a mere 24 moves.

FM Emory Tate at 2001 World Open. Copyright ©, Daaim Shabazz.

In the skittles room, Emory drew a large crowd when showing his game to a group of kids. . .  all were craning their necks, or standing on chairs for a better look at the action. Imagine players forming a coliseum around FM Tate! People actually quit playing blitz chess (and anything else they were doing) to watch the skittles room legend enthrall a packed room. For those how have not seen FM Tate analyze, you are definitely missing a treat. His animated analysis and vivid explanations show the depths of his brilliant mind.

FM Emory Tate analyzing his game against GM Kudrin at 2001 World Open. Copyright ©, Daaim Shabazz.

FM Tate peppered his analysis with mind-boggling variations and interspersed his comments with "double exclams," light humor, and chessic idioms. With camera shutters clicking and people standing on chairs, Emory concluded his analysis and exited the room to a generous and appreciative round of applause.  An Indiana native and many times Armed Forces champion, FM Tate is clearly one of the most extraordinary talents on the U.S. chess circuit, and perhaps in the world.

Editor's note: FM Emory Tate is the only player I've seen to evoke such a crowd response for analysis of a game. It's truly an amazing sight to see!

Kudrin-Tate, 0-1.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 10 July 2001