Minnesota's FM Johnson is the State's Closed co-champion!

FM Leonard Johnson is the Minnesota Closed co-champion equaling the 3-1 score tallied by IM Victor Adler.  FM Johnson is not a widely known figure in national tournaments, but he has been scoring good results for many years. The Drum editor met FM Johnson at the Pan-Am Collegiate tournament (held in Chicago) when he played for the University of Minnesota in 1991. In a conversation, he talked of studying 10 key positions in rook and pawn endings until they were completely etched into his chess psyche. His team would later win a collegiate title in 1992.  From his games, it appears as if FM Johnson thrives in open positions and strives for active piece play. We look to see more of FM Johnson and his beloved Center Counter Defense!

Website for Minnesota Closed Championship

Games of FM Johnson (PGN format)

Posted by The Chess Drum: 8 August 2001

FM Leonard Johnson