Jamaicans head for Subzonal Clash in Venezuela!!

This report was written by
Bert Scott from the Jamaican Ambassadors Academy.

The FIDE World Sub-Zonal 2.3.5 Chess Championship for the Central American and Caribbean region will be held from October 1-10 in the City of Cagua, Aragua State, Venezuela. The players will be housed in the Modern Perz Hotel, while the competition will be held in the Cagua Sports and Cultural Center.

The Jamaica Chess Federation is entitled to send 5 players to the Sub-Zonal 2.3.5. So far, National Champion,
Warren Elliott who recently retained his title with a stunning 9-0 perfect performance will make the trip to Venezuela along with National Master Shane Matthews. Matthews finished second to Elliott in the 2001 National Championship, and is also the highest local and FIDE rated player in Jamaica. Both Elliott and Matthews have an excellent chance of performing well in Cagua to earn the title of FIDE Chess Master, and may even pick-up Jamaica's first International Master (IM) Norm.

Editor's note: The Chess Drum looks forward to reporting the results of these two fine players. Both have a chance to earn the IM title if they score 6-3. We wish the Jamaican players the best and look forward to good things from the island!!

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 16 September 2001