"Ultimate Chess" in Jamaica... country's top players square off!


Reminiscent of the classic battles in the early Ultimate Fighting mixed martial arts matches, top Jamaican chess players are gearing up for what promises to be "knock-down, drag-out" battles over the chess board. Four of Jamaica's top players will play a round-robin tournament in Game/60 format in preparation for the National Championship which is to take place this August. The following players have committed: FM Grantel  Gibbs, NM Shane Matthews, NM Warren Elliott, and NM Russell Porter.  These four battle-tested gladiators will certainly be testing their material and to engage in "chess intelligence." One match has already gotten underway with the new Jamaica Chess Federation President, FM Gibbs taking on national champion and young phenom, NM  Elliott. Both games were sharp and brutal and the results were:

Game 1: Elliott-Gibbs, 0-1, 26 moves [B89] (Sozin Sicilian).
Game 2: Gibbs-Elliott, 0-1, 44 moves [B33] (Lasker-Pelikan Sicilian).

These games have amounted to the ongoing theoretical battles that Jamaican players seem to  enjoy. Stay tuned for results and games!

Posted by The Chess Drum: 16 June 2001