Jamaica's FM Grantel Gibbs takes over as the National Chess Don!


Having already blazed the trail as the Executive Director of the Jamaican Chess Federation (JCF), FM Grantel Gibbs will take over the helm as the new National President. As Jamaica's first titled player, FM Gibbs hopes to bring Jamaica their first Grandmaster in the near future and has worked extremely hard in organizing a number of tournaments. The island is currently experiencing a boom in activity. Also serving on the new JCF cabinet of officers are: NM Robert Wheeler, Secretary; NM Jomo Pitterson, Treasurer; Peter Myers, Vice President (Middlesex region); NM Mark Holness, Vice-President (Cornwall region); Bertram Scott, Vice-President (Surrey region). Outgoing President Frederick Cameron sought not to stand for re-election and will hand the gavel over to FM Gibbs after his successful tenure.  A chemical engineer by profession, FM Gibbs will galvanize his cabinet to provide Jamaica players with increased activity, stronger competition and more opportunities to win FIDE titles. The JCF has already contracted the services of a coach to help the training regiment of the National Team. Let's wish the incoming cabinet of officers all the best and hope that Jamaica will achieve their goals for the upcoming 2001-2002 year!

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Posted by The Chess Drum: 4 June 2001