amongst world's top chess-playing sites!

Since chess player and enthusiast
Frank Johnson launched "MyEmailChess," it has consistently been one of FIDE's top 50 chess sites. Johnson, a native of the Chicago area, was inspired to create this site both by his love for chess and his profession as a Java programmer. This site provides players the ability to carry on a postal chess games via the Internet. Besides the use of the expansive Internet, is played on a smart-looking graphic board on which your move can be previewed before sending. The game is also recorded in PGN format for analysis (if needed) and the interface has a useful comment feature which one can use to send short messages to the other player.  The site has over 650+ games in progress with over 600 members.  As in "snail mail" postal chess, you can play several at once and you have upto 30 days to complete your move.  Registering is easy, and membership is free! Try a game today. . . mate delivered to your mailbox!

Posted by The Chess Drum: 8 April  2001