Ethiopia's Chess Olympians Honored!!


"Federation Awards Winners of the 34th Round Chess Olympiad," Addis Tribune, 26 October 2001, (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Winners of the 34th Round Chess Tournament, held in Istanbul, Turkey, have been awarded with money here in Addis Ababa.
Dawit Wendimu, who won a silver medal, has been awarded 2000 Birr while Fikreselassie Alemu, Wosenyeleh Hailu, Shewaseged Haile-Giorgis, Yimam Abera and Mekitew Mola have been awarded 1000 birr each.

It was disclosed at the ceremony that Dawit Wendimu, Shewaseged Haile-Giorgis and Wosenyeleh Hailu have reached the mid champion level and were entered into the International Chess Federation ratings and Yimam Abera has won a Master Title in Cairo, Egypt.

Speaking at the ceremony,
Ato Israel Kassa, President of the Ethiopian Chess Federation, said even though the tournament was held a year ago winners have not been awarded due to the federation's financial constraints. He also said that the 34th round chess tournament was the first international tournament that the Ethiopian Chess Federation took part in. Ato Israel urges the development of chess in the country. "The development of chess could generate the creation of responsible citizens," he said.

Dr. Muluken Inyew, a representative from the Ethiopian Chess Federation, said the Ethiopian Chess Federation has been working with its full capacity to develop chess and train coaches and arbiters.

Ato Israel Kassa has generously sponsored the 34th chess tournament participants by purchasing airplane tickets and paying for hotel accommodations. He has been awarded with a certificate.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 3 November 2001