The Chess Drum launches "Operation Drum Beat"

In the e-Business arena, a website presence is only any good if it is seen. (ultimately bought by Microsoft) demonstrated the power of "word-of-mouth, " or "viral" marketing. Over the past seven months,
The Chess Drum has been able to bring attention to a chess demographic often overlooked. Much of the marketing of this site has been done by the visitors who spread the word to others.  Because of your efforts, The Chess Drum has hosted thousands of chess enthusiasts from nearly 100 countries and the response has been encouraging!

The Chess Drum is launching "Operation Drum Beat" to help keep the beat going! This campaign is for the purpose of increasing the number of visitors, and thus increasing chess awareness that's all. All I'm asking is for you to invite two persons to The Chess Drum at These individuals can either be current players (especially titled players), curious about chess, chess-playing celebrities and/or influential persons! In addition to inviting them, tell them to sign the guest book and remember to put your name in the "referred by" box.  Encourage them to tell two others. These numbers will be tabulated and the person referring the most people by midnight of 31st of December will receive a gift courtesy of The Chess Drum.

Keep the beat going!!

Posted by The Chess Drum: 21 September 2001