NM Dexter Thompson to compete in Japan's Tae Kwon Do Championships!

Konnichi wa ("Hello" in Japan)

We often hear about chess players excelling in non-chess professions, most notably analytical subjects. However, it is rare to find a master chess player who excels at the highest levels in chess AND in a physical sport. We may have heard of Norwegian
GM Simen Agdestein who played professional soccer until a serious knee injury. Then there's a young man out of the "Motor City" of Detroit… NM Dexter Thompson!

While NM Thompson hasn't achieved an international chess title, he's been breaking opponents down in the martial arts circuit for years.  Holding a 4th-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a 3rd-degree black belt in Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do, and black belts in hapkido and aikido, this tall and slender warrior  packs a heavy kick. He has also done a lot of kicking over the chess board. He has shown his chess prowess by beating the likes of Joel Benjamin (then an IM) in the 1985 World Open, GM Michael Wilder (in a TV match) and many other strong chess masters.

NM Dexter Thompson

NM Dexter Thompson

Master Thompson (as he is known in the martial arts world) is currently training very hard in Japan to take part in the Official Japan Tae Kwon Do Championships.  This is his first trip to Asia. His first quest to travel to Asia ended as he was unable to compete in the 1992 Olympic trials due to an injury.  Master Thompson states that he'll play in a few tournaments in Asia to earn a FIDE rating. Stay tuned for news about this "double Master!"

Gunda-Thompson  (Game from All Japan Rapids)

Posted by The Chess Drum: 2 October 2001