seeks to C-O-N-N-E-C-T the World!

If you want chess "Cajun Style" go to where you will have at your disposal a wide array of information. Ted Lampkin the CEO of The Chess Connection started the initiative in 1994. The Miami native moved to New Orleans and established a niche as an all-purpose chess service organization.  Stated in the history:

"From the outset Ted tested the waters by placing chess demonstrations and exhibitions in such well-trafficked bookstores like Borders. The response was so enthusiastic that The Chess Connection was now bringing International Masters and Grandmasters into its circuit. Then Ted made an unexpected move. He moved to New Orleans, home of the world's first chess champion, Paul Morphy. At major hotels, restaurants, clubs and cafes individuals could now come to learn from the masters or play against these superstars."

The site is very attractive with many features such as a trading depot for chess books and equipment, a chess store, a scholastic segment, and an interesting player "Match-Maker" service. The site also features "Carlin's Corner," with access to one of New Orleans finest masters,
NM Alfred Blake Carlin. This 5-time Louisiana State champion provides clinics and useful lessons for the developing player.

Knock on Mr. Lampkin's door below and pay him  a visit!!

Posted by The Chess Drum: 6 December 2001