Njobvu edges field to take top honors in Botswana's Blitz Championship!

Ignatious Njobvu, still recovering from not being able to defend his National title, re-emerged with a vengeance, taking the hotly contested Blitz Championship in Botswana. Known for his blitz prowess, Njobvu was favored to win the contest and did not disappoint. However, this title would not be easy as there were several sharks fighting for the title. In fact, the champion was not decided until the last game.  No one was dominant in the 9-round tournament as each player took turns beating up on weaker players and on one another. This trend continued, and the tournament title would come down to the Ignatious Njobvu-Kenneth Boikhutswane match. Both had 6˝ points. The match was close, but Njobvu outclassed Boikhutswane and in doing so, edged four others by only ˝ point. Only one point separated the top ten players! Mr. Roscoe Bonna, of Roscoe Bonna Valuers sponsored the event and was on hand to present the trophy at the closing ceremony. He encouraged the players to "take full advantage of the addictive nature of chess" and has pledged to renew his sponsorship for next year's tourney. Mr. Bonna, you're a gentleman and a scholar!

Posted by The Chess Drum: 8 May 2001


Final Standings
(top 10)

7˝ points
Ignatious Njobvu

7 points
Shiva Mapira
Mosenya Ndawana
Walter Matekane

6˝ points
John Hutcheson
Kenneth Boikhutswane
Boipuso Samuel

6 points
Tebogo Pitlagano
Makalane Makalane
Kaone Kealeboga