Barbados' Kevin Denny earns IM title at Subzonal 2.3.5! 


The Subzonal 2.3.5 is a competition pitting players from South America and the Caribbean for chances at international titles and a shot at competing in the World Championship Cycle. In Venezuela, everyone had something (at a minimum) to shoot for. The IMs wanted a chance at joining the World Championship Cycle; the FMs sought IM titles (earned by 6-3 score); the National Masters sought FM titles (earned by 4½-4½ score).

Barbados has long had a small contingent of strong players. At the recently completed Subzonal 2.3.5 (Caribbean/South America) held in Cuidad de Mérida, Venezuela, Barbadian
FM Kevin Denny achieved a long-awaited goal of the IM title. By scoring a win over compatriot FM Philip Corbin, he becomes the first IM of Barbados and perhaps the first Caribbean IM of African descent.

IM Kevin Denny

IM Kevin Denny

It was an unfortunate occurrence that saw the two "Bajan" players paired in the last round. Both had 5 points and needed a win for the IM title. Denny won four of his first five including a win over IM Julio Ostos of Venezuela. His only losses were to IMs Daniel Mieles  (ECU) and Jose Sequera (VEN). Truly deserving of this honor, The Chess Drum extends a hearty congratulations to IM-elect KevinDenny!

OTHER ZONAL NEWS: Subzonal 2.3.5 also saw titles claimed by Jamaica's Warren Elliott and Barbados' Delisle Warner. The two were paired in the last round, and with the agreed draw, both earned FIDE Master titles by scoring 50%. The experience for the young Jamaican champion will pay dividends as he continues to improve and plays in international competitions. Trinidad didn't leave the tournament empty-handed as Frank Yee earned the FM title. 

By virtue of their 1-4 finish, IMs Jose Sequera (VEN), Daniel Mieles (ECU),
Rafael Prasca (VEN), and IM-elect Wilson Palencia (VEN) qualified for the 2001-2002 World Championships. The story of the tournament had to have been local standout Wilson Palencia, the Venezuelan junior champ. He entered the tournament unrated and finished 6-3 to earn the IM title.

Official Site for Sub Zonal 2.3.5  (scores and game download)

16 ELLIOTT, Warren (JAM)      4.5
17 CHAVEZ, Jorge (VEN)        4.5
18 MARTINEZ, Carlos  (VEN)    4.5
19 YEE, Frank (TRI)           4.5
20 MONTAÑEZ, Robert (PUR)     4.5
21 SZMETAN, Ricardo (BAR)     4.0
22 BUSTAMANTE, Richard (VEN)  3.5
23 CARRILLO, Jairo (PUR)      3.5
24 MERRITT, Mario (TRI)       3.5
25 SINGH, Ravishen  (TRI)     3.5
26 ROSALES, Guelmo (TRI)      3.0
27 GONZALEZ, Fidel (VEN)      3.0
28 GREENIDGE, Kevin (BAR)     2.5
29 RAPHAEL, John (TRI)        2.0
30 ROJAS, Francisco  (VEN)    1.5

1  SEQUERA, Jose (VEN)         6.5
2  MIELES, Daniel (ECU)        6.5
3  PRASCA, Rafael (VEN)        6.5
4  PALENCIA, Wilson (VEN)      6.0
5  DENNY, Kevin (BAR)          6.0
6  HERNANDEZ, Alexander  (VEN) 6.0
7  MONTALVO, Alejandro (PUR)   5.5
8  OSTOS, Julio (VEN)          5.0
9  BASTIDAS, Emilio (ECU)      5.0
10 ANDRADE, Ulises (VEN)       5.0
11 GUEDEZ, Armando (VEN)       5.0
12 ARRUEBARRENA, Rafael (VEN)  5.0
13 CORBIN, Philip (BAR)        5.0
14 HARPER, Ryan (TRI)          5.0
15 WARNER, Delisle (BAR)       4.5

Posted by The Chess Drum: 10 October 2001