Angolan tourney attracts Zambia's "dynamic duo," IM Simutowe and FM Nase Lungu

According to report from the Post of Zambia, Tamara Luhunga states the IM Amon Simutowe and FM Nase Lungu will take part in the BCI Grand Prix tournament in Angola in late April.  Angola, a rapidly improving chess nation, boasts five IMs and they will ensure that visiting Africans and European players are at the top of their games. IM Simutowe recently impressed in Germany's  Bad Wörishofen tourney by compiling an incredible 7½-1½ score for clear second ahead of several GMs. The young IM has trekked across Europe and will also compete in Spain in search a norm at this tournament which is certain to draw the top chess guns in the world. FM Nase Lungu will attempt to make a strong showing in the neighboring African nation and add to the glory that Zambia has enjoyed with the recent success of IM Simutowe and NM Maludanpe Lungu's international debut in India.

Tamara Luhanga, "Simutowe Confident of Doing Well in Angola," Post of Zambia.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 3 April 2001