IM Simutowe takes 2nd in Germany's Bad Wörishofen!


IM Amon Simutowe (2462) continues his terror on the chess scene by blitzing the field with an undefeated 7½-1½ and placing clear second at Germany's Bad Wörishofen. Bulgarian GM Alexei Aleksandrov beat German GM Igor Glek in the last round and scored 8-1. It should be noted that the 19-year old Zambian finished ahead of esteemed GMs such as  Valeri Filippov, Alexander Graf, Igor Glek, Victor Kuprejchik, Vladimir Epsihin, Lev Gutman, and Andrei Sokolov.  Unfortunately, IM Simutowe failed to qualify for a GM norm after efficiently dispatching of German wunderkind, 18-year old Jan Sprenger who is untitled. After playing inspired and exciting chess throughout the tourney, Simutowe scored a key win over Georgian GM, Mikheil Kekelidse (2512), and put himself in position to win the tournament. However,  Aleksandrov would grind down Glek after winning the exchange. Simutowe's played exciting chess and his battles were tactical in nature. Although he did not earn a GM norm, his performance is a magnificent result and his determination will soon earn him his GM title. After his recent demolition of the European tournaments, it is hopeful that he will be able to travel to the U.S. where he is sure to make an impression on America's elite.

Bad Wörishofen final standings

Pircher (2040)-Simutowe, 0-1.
Simutowe-Filippov (2615) , ½-½.
Simutowe-Pelletier (2545), ½-½.
Sprenger (2326)-Simutowe, 0-1.

Posted by The Chess Drum: 23 March 2001