IM Oladapo Adu rampages through Maryland with a "trifecta" win!


IM Oladapo Adu (pictured right) took on all comers in a set of Maryland tournaments during Labor Day weekend. First was the Maryland Quick Chess Championship (15 minutes per player). Some of the top players in the field were IM Lawrence Kaufman, FM Enhbat Tegshsuren (Mongolia), FM Bryan Smith,  and NMs Frederick Kagan (Russia) and Anton del Mundo (Philippines).

IM Oladapo Adu

IM Adu, a native Nigerian, scored an unblemished 6˝-˝ including a 33-move win over IM Kaufman in which he essayed the King's Indian Attack. The second hurdle was the five-mintue blitz championship. For those who have not seen IM Adu play blitz, he has amazing reflexes, good board vision and is sharp tactically.  He would demonstrate his blitz prowess by terrorizing the field with a scorching 10-2 against much of the same distinguished company. To complete the "trifecta," Adu  entered the 30-minute rapid event and repeated his earlier 6˝-˝ score to win clear first. Two of his key games were his 31-move win over NM Rodion Rubenchik and his draw with FM Tegshsuren. So in the final count, Adu was the only one to have an undefeated score in all three events… quite an accomplishment for 26 rounds of chess!  Adu will now travel to Sioux Falls chess invitational in South Dakota on 21st-23rd of  September.

Grinberg-Adu, 0-1
Adu-Kaufman, 1-0
B. Smith-Adu,
Tegshsuren-Adu, ˝-˝

Posted by The Chess Drum: 8 September 2001