In an effort to increase educational content in "The Academy," this segment provides advice for beginning and intermediate players on many of the common questions about chess matters (e.g., learning methods, principles of play, recommended books, achieving Master status, etc.) The players and coaches from around the world have contributed their knowledge and wisdom for the greater chess community. Please feel free to draw from the well of knowledge!


| Frederic Arnold (USA) |  NM Lionel Davis (USA)  |
Zebedee Fortman (USA) |  Dr. Okechukwu Iwu (USA) |
Life Master Dr. Shearwood McClelland, III (USA)
Kevin McPherson (USA)  | IM Stephen Muhammad  (USA) |
John Tobisch (Jamaica) | Dr. Daaim Shabazz (USA) |
IM Amon Simutowe (Zambia) |

All  coaches and Master-class players are encouraged to

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