Board Vision
Test #1 (55 questions)


Following are 55 questions to practice your visualization. Board vision is important because executing a tactic, or plotting a strategy depends on correct assessment of piece position.  The ability to visualize reduces the chances of blind spots and illusions. The following exercises have been developed for players of all levels. What player can pass up these goodies?!

Instructions -- READ CAREFULLY!!

"Square Dancing" segments will require you to demonstrate your familiarity with the 8X8 matrix we call a chessboard. You'll be surprised at this challenge! You are given a time limit to answer each question after which the next one will presented automatically. The "Board Geometry" require you to demonstrate mastery of pattern recognition which is useful for enhancing combinative abilities. This is an untimed exercise, but you will be provided with instant feedback including suggestions for improving board sight. The last segment aptly called "Blindfold Chess" is the most challenging of all because you have to visualize actual moves being played without the use of a board. You will be required to find the best move in the given position.  A solution key is provided in a pop-up window.


Square Dancing #1 (10 questions, 10 seconds per question)
Board Stretch #1 (10 questions, 32 seconds per question)
Board Geometry #1 (15 questions, no time limit)
Blindfold Chess #1 (20 questions, no time limit)


Hope you enjoyed the exercise. Challenging, wasn't it? This exercise really forces one to stretch the capacity of their imaginative and cognitive abilities. Perhaps it will help us to appreciate more the master who can play several blindfold games at once! There are many way of improving in this area, but one reliable method is solving the combination puzzles in books like The Anthology of Chess Combinations, or even those found in most chess magazines. We all must continue to sharpen our mental faculties, and what better way to accomplishment this than through chess exercise!