• Video: IM Robert Gwaze on YouTube

    On last December 3rd, I wrote a story about Robert Gwaze’s participation in a chess camp in Malaysia. An organizer from Malaysia sent me a clip which was posted on YouTube. I added the link to the story, but I wanted to share it with you here. I believe it was FIDE’s Ignatius Leong who told…

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  • 2007 World Open: YouTube videos!

    I just uploaded two videos to YouTube. Both are of very poor quality because I took it on my digital camera and not a digital camcorder. The first video is not very exciting, but here are some details: This was the first round of the three-day schedule in which the players…

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  • 9th All-Africa Games: Opening Ceremony

    I have found YouTube videos of the Opening Ceremony. Very exciting and colourful. While the quality is poor the general spirit of the atmosphere can be felt. C’est magnifique! PART ONE [youtube][/youtube] PART TWO [youtube][/youtube] PART THREE [youtube][/youtube] PART FOUR [youtube][/youtube]

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  • Hip-Hop Chess Federation releases theme track!

    Adisa Banjoko, the co-founder of the Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF) told me yesterday about tracks written with a chess theme. One of the tracks is an upbeat rap done by TKash and is dubbed as the anthem for the HHCF and it mission of exploring a fusion between chess and hip-hop. It’s tight! Banjoko has…

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  • Nakamura wins National Open!

    GM Hikaru Nakamura emerged victorious after coming off of subpar showings at both Foxwoods Open and the U.S. Championship. It appeared as if he would stumble once again after being held in a wild battle with IM Enrico Sevilliano. Going into the last round against IM Renier Gonzalez, he needed…

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