• 2001 Wilbert Paige Memorial (Harlem, NY)

    Welcome to the Wilbert Paige Memorial tournament! (14-23rd of July 2001, Harlem NY, Hotel Theresa) Brief Chess Biography NM Wilbert Paige Photo by Jerry BibuldNM Wilbert Paige, a Philadelphia native, first gained a serious interest in chess while attending West Philadelphia High School and played from 1975-77 on the chess…

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  • Historic Moments: Black Unity tournaments

    Maurice Ashley – William MorrisonBlack Bear Challenge The Black Bear Chess School is a chess club having produced some of the strongest Black chess Masters in its history. In the famous Black Bear tradition, players jockeyed for position in the club. In order to move up, one player had to…

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  • The Making of Chess Brotherhoods

    Looking at the expanse of the Black chess world, there apparently exists the desire to sharpen one’s game on those friends who are considered to be worthy opponents. Steel sharpens steel, the saying goes. Chicago Chess Clashes In the early to mid 80s, Chicago had a raging debate on whether…

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  • Historic Moments: Baraka Shabazz & K.K. Karanja

    Baraka Shabazz was 15 when this picture was taken in 1982 and strode onto the American chess scene with the grace of a gazelle. Baraka started playing chess while living in Alaska with her parents. It was her father who gave her a chess set to relieve her of the…

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  • Historic Moments: Morris Giles, Charles Lawton & R.O. Mitchell

    Pictured above is NM Charles Lawton (L) analyzing with FM Morris Giles (R) after their last round encounter at the 1982 Midwest Masters Invitational in Chicago, IL. This game showed the fighting spirit of both players. Neither Giles nor Lawton are currently active. FM Giles had nearly earned a 2500…

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