• Nakamura storms to victory in Gibraltar!

    Hikaru Nakamura at 2008 Gibtel Masters.Photo by ChessBase. I guess naysayers will be quieted somewhat after another victory by American Grandmaster, Hikaru Nakamara. Nakamura (FIDE 2670) has been playing very well lately and will soar toward 2700 after winning the Gibtel Masters tournament in Gibraltar, Spain. There is still some…

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  • Short-Cheparinov Controversy @ Corus!!

    CONTROVERSY!! Bulgarian Grandmaster Ivan Cheparinov was initially forfeited for not shaking hands with England’s Nigel Short. Case Short came to the board, and with his opponent absent, he played the move 1.e4, and walked away. A few minutes later, Cheparinov came to the board, sat down, and played 1…c5. As…

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  • Reflections on the Mallorca Olympiad

    Looking back on my first Olympiad, it was by all counts a very positive experience. I got to reunite with a few chess friends, see players whom I have covered for the past four years and interact with some of the top chess personalities in the world. On the other…

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  • The Black Genesis of Chess – Moors of Spain

    Chess is a game that we all love and enjoy for its build-up of tension and it infinite possibilities. Black chess players have recently begun to make headway into the upper echelons of the international chess arena. However, there was a historical precedent for Blacks in a mighty people who…

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