• Historic Moments: Medina Parrilla at 2003 World Championships in Greece

    Lapshun and Parrilla play a game against a picturesque backdrop. Bronx native, Medina Parrilla journeyed to Halkidiki, Greece to compete in the Under-12 championships and scored a respectable 6-5. The Bronx Times’ Noah Fowle penned an article about the 12-year old star and although she downplayed the attention she has…

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  • Jamaica @ Chess Olympiad (Bled, Slovenia)

    The 35th Chess Olympiad in Bled, Slovenia through a Jamaican Microscope: A Fantastic Sojourn by Ian Wilkinson (Kingston, Jamaica, WEST INDIES) “A tower of nine stories begins with a heap of earth. The journey of a thousand li starts from where one stands.” – Tao-te Ching (Chapter 64 by Lao…

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  • Historic Moments: Olympiad Photo Galleries

    2002 Olympiad Photo Galleries Gallery #1 (Jerry Bibuld – USA) Gallery #2 (Jerry Bibuld – USA)Gallery #3 (Jerry Bibuld – USA) Gallery #4 (Jerry Bibuld – USA) Gallery #5 (Jerry Bibuld – USA) Gallery #6 (Jerry Bibuld – USA) Gallery #7 (Jerry Bibuld – USA) Gallery #8 (Jerry Bibuld –…

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  • The Black Genesis of Chess – Moors of Spain

    Chess is a game that we all love and enjoy for its build-up of tension and it infinite possibilities. Black chess players have recently begun to make headway into the upper echelons of the international chess arena. However, there was a historical precedent for Blacks in a mighty people who…

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