South Africa

  • interviews South Africa’s Kenny Solomon

      Kenny Solomon on the move at the 2007 South African Open. Photo courtesy of  International Master Kenny Solomon is currently in Algiers, Algeria trying to bring home a medal from the 9th All-Africa Games. Prior to the trip, he won the 2007 South African Open for the 4th time and is…

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  • Historic Moments: Africans in the 2004 FIDE World Championship

    Clockwise (L-R) GM Hichem Hamdouchi (Morocco), IM Amon Simutowe (Zambia), IM Ahmed Adly (Egypt) and IM-elect Kenny Solomon (South Africa). The Dawn of a New Beginning The 2004 FIDE World Knockout Championship was a historic event for many reasons. First, it is the next step toward unification; secondly, the tournament…

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  • The Rising Stars of Africa

    Africa has long produced strong players, but lack of exposure and training resources prevented many from reaching their full potential. Manuel Mateus and Pedro Aderito of Angola earned their IM titles at a young age, but their talents have gone largely unnoticed. IM Watu Kobese has also struggled to find…

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  • 2001 Wilbert Paige Memorial (Harlem, NY)

    Welcome to the Wilbert Paige Memorial tournament! (14-23rd of July 2001, Harlem NY, Hotel Theresa) Brief Chess Biography NM Wilbert Paige Photo by Jerry BibuldNM Wilbert Paige, a Philadelphia native, first gained a serious interest in chess while attending West Philadelphia High School and played from 1975-77 on the chess…

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