• 2009 World Team Championship (Bursa, Turkey)

    Many of the world’s top chess federations will assemble in the Bursa province of Turkey for the World Team Championships. Some of the notable teams represent perennial powers Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Israel and USA. Also included in the field is India, the world’s #6 team Despite the fact that World…

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  • 2009 African Jr. Championships (Cairo, Egypt)

    Under the auspices of the African Chess Union, the Egyptian Chess Federation has the honor of inviting African Federations affiliated to FIDE to participate in the 2009 African Junior Chess Championship and African Girls Chess Championship Under 20. The 2009 African Junior & Girls Chess Championships will be held from…

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  • Lesson in Touch Move?

    There was an interesting (albeit erroneous) document circulating on the Kenyan Chess Forum that was highlighted here yesterday. I removed the story after GM Amon Simutowe stated that it was simply one of many data entry errors in Libya. The report illustrated a game from the 2009 African Championships between…

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  • Bassem Amin is 2009 African Champ!

    GM Bassem Amin GM Bassem Amin has risen since winning the African Junior Championship back in 2004. He promptly added another Junior title in 2005. Since that time he has traveled the world competing in a number of tournaments and is approaching the 2600 barrier. Going into the 2009 African…

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  • Egypt’s Essam El-Gindy gets 3rd GM norm!

    GM-elect Essam El-Gindy Essam El-Gindy had long been one of Egypt’s top players. He joins Ahmed Adly and Bassem Amin as member of elite Grandmaster status. El-Gindy has already surpassed the requisite 2500 rating so he will be conferred his title later this year. He becomes the 7th African player…

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  • Historic Moments: Africans in the 2004 FIDE World Championship

    Clockwise (L-R) GM Hichem Hamdouchi (Morocco), IM Amon Simutowe (Zambia), IM Ahmed Adly (Egypt) and IM-elect Kenny Solomon (South Africa). The Dawn of a New Beginning The 2004 FIDE World Knockout Championship was a historic event for many reasons. First, it is the next step toward unification; secondly, the tournament…

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