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The Dominica Chess Federation was on a live stream on Wednesday hosted by Anthony Drigo’s “This Week in Interview” segment. He was joined by three board members and spent approximately 90 minutes discussing chess, its beginnings, its benefits, Chess-in-Schools, and many details about titles and skill levels. There was even a beginning segment on how to play. The stereotype of chess as a game for the intelligentsia was addressed. It clearly is a universal game that anyone can play.

Nigel K. Francis (Vice President) Daniel Scotland (General Secretary), Dorothy Jno Baptiste (Public Relations Officer), Carlton Morvan (member of Dominican Chess Federation), Jahnyah Augustine (student at St. Mary’s and Chess-in-Schools) were the guests on the program. Each gave an account of how their involvement in chess evolved up until this point.

The Dominican Chess Federation (DCF) joined FIDE in 2021 when GM Nigel Short (then-Vice President of FIDE) traveled to the region to help facilitate the accession to the world body of chess. Also joining at the 92nd General Assembly were St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, and Niger. The DCF held its first general meeting and elections on April 13th, 2022. Since then, they have begun establishing a schedule of events.

Take a look!

Video by TDN Network

2023-2024 Executive Officers of the
Dominica Chess Federation

???Congratulations to the new Executive of the Dominica Chess Federation voted into office at the AGM held on 30th March 2023:

President – Ian Dorival
Vice President – Nigel K. Francis
Secretary – Daniel Scotland
Treasurer – Brandon Henry
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer – Robert Bridet
Technical Assistant – Larry Thomas
Public Relations Officer – Dorothy Jno Baptiste

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