Jerald Times seeks action against Success Academy

Jerald Times is in the chess news recently, but it is not for his success as a chess educator. After winning the right to challenge Success Academy’s employment practices, he is now seeking to settle on the basis of unlawful retaliation. There have been a number of delays in the process and Times is waiting for the issuance of a “Right-to-Sue-Letter” is a settlement is not reached. He is asking for those supportive of his cause to write a letter in support.

Jerald Times in South Africa

Jerald Times in South Africa

Times’ charges pertain to what he saw as unfair hiring practices, questionable job performance evaluations, retaliation and a toxic environment. In the letter below, he provides more detail.

Dear Family and Friends,

I want your support to bring about an NRTS (Notification of Right to Sue) letter from the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). After a combined 25 months, the  New York State Division of Human Rights and the EEOC have yet to release a Right-to-Sue-Letter.

The average time for an NYSDHR (New York State Division of Human Rights) determination is six months; my case took 15 months to receive a determination. The NYSDHR did, in fact, find probable cause of discrimination and retaliation against my former employer, and it took another three months to receive administrative closure

My present case with the EEOC has passed seven months, and I am still waiting to receive an NRTS letter. I need the NRTS to file in Federal Court, and the EEOC must release the letter, as any other path would breach one’s Civil Liberties. 

I believe this case is not just about me but also the rights of black and brown workers and black and brown communities and whether an employer can legally violate those rights and discriminate against them.

We are starting an #StopTheObstruction email campaign to reach out to New York State Director of the EEOC Timothy Riera and NYSDHR commissioner Maria Imperial to see if they can mediate through this obstruction. Here is the Support Letter” I would like you to send to Timothy Riera and Maria Imperial. 

Just a few things here:

Please copy and paste this letter and send it to the following email addresses:

Include your name under “Sincerely,” for example, John Doe.

The subject of the email is “We Need Your Help.”

I thank you all for your support in this matter.


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