U.S. Chess hires Danielle Little!

The U.S. Chess Federation continues bolstering its staff with the addition of Danielle Little as Program Director for Women and At-Risk Youth. After hiring Howard alumnus Emmanuel London and Chicago resident J.J. Lang last fall, they added Little, which adds another element to outreach initiatives for U.S. Chess. According to an article featuring her work in the Buffalo community,

“Little learned to play as a child in Virginia. She moved to Western New York and, while in high school, formed a chess club at Buffalo Seminary. She played competitively and was ranked among the top young female players by the U.S. Chess Federation.”

~Biz Journal (October 22, 2020)
Danielle Little

According to the U.S. Chess press release, the position is part-time. Little may be known to The Chess Drum readership as the founder of the Young Royalty Chess Academy in upstate New York. Her organization has been involved in outreach activities, and during the pandemic quarantine, she marketed chess as a mental stimulant.

With these additions, perhaps U.S. Chess will place more emphasis on overlooked segments of the chess community. Data analytics will require technical expertise and marketing outreach to accomplish this. Hopefully, Danielle Little will continue her success in this area and lead U.S. Chess in the right direction.

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