Mehul Gohil (Kenyan Champ) wins another car!

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Mehul Gohil won the Kenyan Chess Champion and thus, drove away the grand prize of a Mazda Demio car! It is his second car in three years. In 2019, he won the title after Ben Nguku was unable to catch him. This year he had to win an Armageddon battle against Hugh Misiko to get the title. The players had split both rapid and blitz games before the decisive result. According to Chess Kenya, this is Gohil’s third championship title winning also in 2014.

Mehul Gohil celebrating his new car!

“This was very tough, basically it was like a penalty kick, and I am happy to have won. To become the best in chess takes years of practice and love for the game, so winning the car is a validation of the hard work”

~Mehul Gohil

Final standings (Open)

1 Okonga Hugh Misiko 1785 8
2 Gohil Mehul 2012 8
3 Namale Ben Nguku 1972
4 Njoroge Martin 1973 7
5 Kanegeni Matthew Kamau 1944 7
6 Marani Caleb 1499 7
7 Methu Joseph Muragu 1945 7
8 Ndegwa Jackson Kamau 1809 7
9 Ngani Victor 1925
10 Brian Gabriel Mwangi 1760

Women’s Section

The event attracted more than 200 players in two sections. Joyce Nyaruai won the women’s title after nipping out Glenda Madelta by a half-point. Nyaruai had to come from behind by beating Madelta in the 8th round and Lucy Wanjiru in the final round. Madelta took 2nd winning her last round followed by the defending champion Sasha Mongeli.

“The competition was extremely tough. If you remember, I had a rough start by registering two draws in my first two matches. In my mind at that time, my campaign was over but the other players also stumbled and I was able to pick up.”

~Joyce Nyaruai

Final standings (Women)

1 Ndirangu Joyce Nyaruai 1699 8
2 Madelta Glenda 1565
3 Mongeli Sasha 1726 7
4 Wanjiru Lucy 1454 6
5 Mutisya Jully 1460 6
6 Cherono Mercy 1196 6
7 Nicole Albright 1346 6
8 Elizabeth Cassidy Maina 1209 6
9 Mwendwa Triza 1466
10 Muturi Elsie 1147

Photos by Chess Kenya

In the annals of chess history, national champions have been celebrated and their notoriety is remembered for decades. One only has to remember Andrew Kayonde’s pronouncement at the 2018 Chess Olympiad after fighting to a bitter draw with the world-class Grandmaster, Vassily Ivanchuk. “This guy’s technique must be better than mine, but I am the Zambian champion.”

It may be true that champions are remembered, but often are not rewarded. That is not the case in Kenya. Gohil plans even further gains by converting his new car into a transport vehicle. Will he go for his third this year? If he wins again, he may be able to consider his own fleet and compete with a Kenyan version of Uber.

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  1. 2022 Kenya Chess Championships

    13 December 2022 (Round #9)

    Ricky Sang (black) vs. Hugh Misiko (white)

    Video towards the end of the 9th round game in the between Ricky Sang and Hugh Misiko. If Ricky Sang wins this game then Mehul Gohil is the winner of the 2022 Kenya National Championship and he goes home with a new Mazda Demio. If Hugh Misiko wins the game then he forces a play off.”

    ~ Kenya Chess Masala

    Videos by Kenya Chess Masala

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