Michael Abron releases book on Chess Journey

The Chess Traveler and Pioneer (Michael Abron)For the past couple of years Michael Abron has been working on his memoirs to tell his story of playing in a tournament in all 50 U.S. states. in March released The Chess Traveler and Pioneer.

Abron was featured on The Chess Drum after completing the journey. He finished at the onset of the COVID outbreak and was fortunate enough to accomplish the feat before travel became difficult.

Not many people can say they have not only traveled to all of the 50 states but have played in a chess tournament in each. Abron had been on a quest since the early 2000s to play in all 50 states and finally accomplish the task in October 2019 in Alaska’s National Chess Day event. It is an amazing feat of determination, dedication… and planning!! The latter should not be overstated.

In an introduction on Amazon, Abron states

In my traveling the last twenty states, the mother of a dear friend of mine whose name is Mrs. Davis said that after hearing my story, she dubbed me “the chess traveler.” I thanked her and had a T-shirt made displaying the Chess Traveler. Later my friend, the author, suggested that I be bolder, assertive, and descriptive and recommended The Chess Pioneer.

Of course, Michael Abron is not the first to achieve this feat. In fact, a handful of other players have preceded him. In fact, Jerry Dennison was featured on the cover of Chess life in June 2008. He would be the first Black player to achieve this feat while USCF is archiving the membership records before 1991. While he touched many states, not even the “Mad Max Warrior” Emory Tate had accomplished this goal of playing in a tournament in all 50 states. In his book, he will describe how he did it and what the joys and pains were of such a remarkable journey.

Mission accomplished!
Mission accomplished!!

Available at many outlets
including Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Hardcover: $27.95
Paperback: $17.95
Kindle: $8.99

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