Month: September 2021

  • Drum Majors

    Justus Williams clinches IM title!

    IM-Elect Justus WilliamsPhoto by CCSCSL At long last… another International Master in the ranks! Justus Williams has put together a string of strong results to eclipse the 2400 barrier, thus fulfilling the last requirement for the FIDE title of International Master. Over Labor Day weekend Justus scored 7/7 to win…

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  • USA

    Philadelphia loses Jerome Works (1955-2021)

    Jerome Works(April 1, 1955 – September 5, 2021)Photo Jerome Works (Facebook) There is a unique power in humility. It has an endearing quality when one wears it. It puts us at ease but also empowers. It is the trait that Jerome Works carried with him until his last words this…

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  • The Chess Drum

    NM Rene Phillips devastated by Hurricane Ida

    Unfortunately, National Master Rene Phillips of New Orleans knows a thing or two about hurricanes. His memories are still fresh from the 2005 onslaught known as “Hurricane Katrina,” a disaster that resulted in scores of damage to the iconic city and destroying everything he owned. Katrina, a Category 3 hurricane,…

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