Month: November 2019

  • Drum Majors

    Brewington Hardaway, a Chess Master at 10!

    Brewington Hardaway has been one of the top 100 players in his age category since January 2016 when he was a six-year old. He beat his first International Master at the age of seven! Most recently, at the famous Marshall Chess Club, he ended his tournament with a win over…

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  • Bahamas

    Bahamas’ Roussos passed FIDE exam… at 13!

    Many of us in chess enjoy playing the game. Some of us like to write about it. Others like to serve as organizers and directors. When you are a small country, everyone has a defined role. Olga Roussos decided on her role early on. Olga Roussos Back in September, Olga…

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  • Obituary

    Cleveland master/coach David Allen passes away

    Dr. David Allen, Sr. Long-time Cleveland master Dr. David Allen, Sr. has passed away after a long battle with diabetes. He was well-known throughout Ohio and the Midwest for his chess coaching and was particularly passionate about the African-American plight in chess. Born January 31st, 1960, David was a couple…

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  • Jamaica

    Wilkinson, Matthews at 2019 World Seniors

    JAMAICAN CHAMPIONS OFF TO 2019 WORLD SENIORS CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS International Master Shane Matthews and Ian Wilkinson QC left the island this past weekend to represent their country in the 29th World Seniors Chess Championships being held in Bucharest, Romania. The event is being staged by the Romanian Chess Federation under…

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  • Media Stories

    U.S. Football Players making the best moves on and off the field

    Chess is used in sports analogies frequently and many athletes will pride their strategic acumen to “playing chess.” While most of these statements are figurative, some athletes are actually passionate about the game. Lennox Lewis is one of the famous names to credit chess as well as the Klitschko brothers…

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  • Africa

    Fawzy, Pires win titles at 2019 African Juniors!

    The 2019 African Junior Championship was an exciting event with the results very much in doubt until the last round. In general, the tournament is usually dominated by a singular talent, but in this year’s event, the top-seeds had to hold off the competition until the very end. WFM Luiza…

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  • Africa

    African Juniors 2019 going down to the wire!

    FM Massinas Djabri winning over the front runner makes things more interesting. Photo by Babatunde Ogunsiku (African Chess Media) Accra, Ghana has just gotten a bit hotter from the excitement of the penultimate round. The Open Section is undecided as the frontrunner Fy Rakotomaharo (2428) was beaten by Algerian FIDE…

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