Kassa Korley solid in Open Portugal

IM Kassa Korley

International Master Kassa Korley has been on a path since earning his first GM norm last June. Korley’s quest for the 2500 FIDE Elo rating took a setback after a 5.5/9 finish at the Bay Area International. A month later, he landed in Lisbon for the 2018 Open Portugal tournament with renewed focus.

The field had 17 Grandmasters in a very diverse field of players. Eduardo Iturrizaga won clear 1st with 7.5/9. Alexander Motylev got joint 2nd along with seven other on 7/9. Korley turned in a solid result with joint 3rd on 6.5 points. He started off paired down the first three rounds damaging his chances to earn a second GM norm. He is currently looking to get invites to closed tournaments for norm opportunities.

IM Kassa Korley (2426-Denmark)
# Player USCF Nation
1 Alex-Sacha Ladistic 1934 France
2 Luis Sousa Reis 2146 Portugal
3 Aleksandrs Jazdanovs 2390 Latvia
4 GM Eric Hansen 2615 Canada
5 IM Sumiya Bilguun 2402 Mongolia
6 GM Nikita Petrov 2585 Russia
7 GM Vitaliy Bernadskiy 2570 Ukraine
8 FM Nicolo Napoli 2316 Italy
9 FM Jose Antonio Sande Edreira 2244 Spain
Score: 6.5-2.5 (Results)

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