“Triple Exclam” wins joint honor for “Best Author”

Chess Club Live, a large social media organization announced their awards for 2017 via Twitter. There were various categories and followers were asked to vote in several categories. The vote was conducted via Twitter poll and there was a limited window of time. In a year when an number of interesting books have been released, it was an honor for a publication from The Chess Drum to be included. “Triple Exclam” covered the life of IM Emory Tate, an enigmatic and exciting figure in the chess world. The project was well-received and a paperback version is soon to be released.

The following books were nominated:

Jan Timman, “Timmans Titans” (New in Chess)
Viktor Moskalenko, “Training with Moska” (New in Chess)
Carsten Hansen, “Closed Sicilian: Move by Move (Everyman Chess)
Daaim Shabazz, “Triple Exclam!!! The Life and Games of Emory Tate, Chess Warrior” (The Chess Drum)

In the final tally, both Timman and Shabazz got 36% each and were declared co-winners.

While is was a small samples of votes from a large chess community, it was interesting to see what the market acceptance is for certain types of books. In addition, the categories and nominees therein exposed us to chess personalities and innovations we may not have known about. It is with some pride that we can have in the fact that chess is continuing to grow. Each of the person nominated for any honor will certainly know that they have made a contribution to moving chess forward.

Voted Awards

Photographer of the Year: Alina L’Ami (link)

Download of the Year: The Anna Rudolf Method (link)

Podcast of the Year: Ben Johnson for Perpetual Chess Podcast (link)

Blogger of the Year: (tie) KimiyaChess and Carsten Hansen (link)

Best Chess News Feed: Fast Chess (link)

Performance of the Year: Deep Mind’s Alpha Zero (link)

Enterprise of the Year: Chessbidder (link)

Magazine of the Year: New In Chess (link)

Server of the Year: lichess (link)

Videographer of the Year: GM Daniel King (link)

Best Chess App: FollowChess (link)

Best Twitter Account: @HowardStaunton (link)

Player of the Year: Levon Aronian (link)

Tournament of the Year: Gibraltar Tradewise Chess Tournament (result)

Social Network of the Year: chess.com (link)

Prodigy of the Year: Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabu (link)

Founders of the Year: (tie) Carina Jorgenson & Michael Mkpadi for Chess Club Live and Thibault Duplessis for lichess (link)

Innovator of the Year: Chessify Me (link)

Statistician of the Year: 2700chess (link)

Coach of the Year: GM RB Ramesh (link)

Retailer of the Year: House of Staunton (link)

TV Show of the Year: chess24 (link)

Online Resource of the Year: Chess University (link)

Commentary Team of the Year: Jennifer Shahade, Maurice Ashley, Cristian Chirila, Yasser Seirawan (link)

Commentator of the Year: GM Jan Gustafsson (link)

Author of the Year: (tie) Jan Timman for “Timman’s Titan” and Daaim Shabazz for “Triple Exclam” (link)

Game of the Year: Bai Jinshi vs. Ding Liren (link)

Tournament Director of the Year: Jeroen Van Den Berg for Tata Steel (link)

Editor of the Year: Macauley Peterson (link)

Editorial Journalist: Leon Watson for the UK Telegraph (link)

Beast of the Year: Viswanathan Anand for 2017 World Rapid and Blitz
Journalist of the Year: Tarjei Svensen

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