Egypt’s Adham Fawzy slays Modern Defense

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IM Adham Fawzy has flown underneath the radar, but is primarily known as a representative of Egypt in African and Arab events. The 17-year old International Master recently shined in the Abu Dhabi International tournament in a scintillating game versus Iranian phenom GM Parham Maghsoodloo. He is following the path of many Egyptian prodigies of the past such as Bassem Amin and before him Ahmed Adly. In fact, Amin won the tournament with 7.5/9 and is now at 2699 ELO (live rating).

IM Adham Fawzy
IM Adham Fawzy
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The game came out of a Modern Defense, a defense that is rarely seen in top-level play, but is sometimes employed since its subtleties are hard for an opponent to grasp over the board. However in this game, Iranian’s top player got run over by a truck. “Agadmator” made a video comparing the game to the likes of Mikhail Tal. While it is a nice attacking game to have in one’s collection, you can be the judge of whether it is Tal-like.

Video by agadmator (YouTube Channel)

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