Day: October 27, 2016

  • Matches

    Carlsen vs. Nakamura Showdown on 10-27!

    There is a heavyweight blitz battle taking place in a couple of hours at between World Champion Magnus Carlsen and blitz phenom Hikaru Nakamura. Yes… it’s a big deal. This serves as a warm-up match before Carlsen’s title defense against Sergey Karjakin and the champion could not have asked…

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  • Media Stories

    Hudson’s with Disney and TJMS!

    Orrin Hudson attended the premiers for “Queen of Katwe” in Chicago and Hollywood and told The Chess Drum that he felt the movie company was onto something. He was able to have a one-on-one with Lupita Nyong’o during a workshop in Los Angeles, California. Disney brought Hudson on to conduct…

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