MC3 is coming!

Today the Millionaire Chess organization has announced the third edition of the high-stakes tournament. The first two editions have been successful in building a powerful brand and supporters have been waiting for the announcement. Sponsors have been hard to come by, but with the World Championship coming to the U.S. combined with the boom in scholastic chess, perhaps MC3 can capitalize off of the momentum. Here is the announcement…

MC3 is Here!

Millionaire Chess is happy to announce that there will be a 3rd edition of the Millionaire Chess Open. The event will move from Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas to Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City. The tournament will take place from October 6-11, 2016, maintaining the same Columbus Day holiday weekend as before. The event will feature a new structure as compared to the first two versions. Details will appear on the Millionaire Chess website by March 1st.

The decision to host another MC was made after much deliberation by the company. Though the first two MCs were a branding and marketing success, the lack of sponsors and player participation made the idea of moving forward a challenging proposition. The possibility of canceling the event remained on the table until mid-January when the team began considering new ways to restructure the event. We finally settled on a new format that made sense from a financial point of view. With the new location and a reputation for delivering a quality event, Millionaire Chess is confident that this year’s tournament will put the company on surer footing.

The journey begins anew!

Best wishes,

Amy and Maurice

Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

The 2016 Millionaire Chess Open

Thursday, October 6th through Monday, October 11th 2016


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  1. oh Good to see Daaim and Ultrathanks for the info, its funnie, UM still Learnin from Mc2, Um on game 160 what game number are u LEARNIN from chessdrummas? Its bout dat work!!!

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