16-year old Okpegbuo talks chess on Nigerian TV!

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The young 16-year old Nigerian girl has enjoyed modest success but what she was able to share was worth more than the glory from her growing collection of medals. The articulate young girl was looking very smart in her school uninform as she confidently answwered qustions about her chess life and about why chess is such a great activity.

Her name is Somtochukwu Okpegbuo an upstart chess players from Queens College-Yaba in Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos. “Somto” discussed her chess feats and why she became attracted to the game in the first place. Her explanations were confident, clear and she acquitted herself well in representing chess. The question of whether math is necessary to play good chess shows that we have a long way to go in correcting the perception. Somto does well! Listen to this heart-warming interview.

Video at Channels Television (Nigeria)



  1. Though there are many accents in Nigeria, I think this video illustrates the point of why Will Smith’s generic accent when he played Dr. Omalu in “Concussion” may have been preferable. Had the filmmakers really targeted one of the authentic Nigerian accents, it’s possible the moviegoers could have comprehension issues. Not accounting for this, a lot of people complain about Smith’s accent. To me, Ogunsiku is the easiest to understand in this video.

  2. It was very captivating and I felt excited and proud of such a great talent of chess invested in this lovely female chess player. Kudos to Nigerian chess and personnel that made this video a success.. I pray I would have the opportunity to play good chess with her.

  3. Someone to look up to. I hope to be the next to be interviewed in the forth coming Under 17 chess championship. If possible I’ll love to have a good game with you

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