50+ GMs, 50+ Countries = Millionaire Chess 2015!

The second Millionaire Chess Open is just a bit more than a week away and excitement is building. There is also excitement because more “star power” has been added before the September 30th registration deadline. The MC organized periodically announces strong players and yesterday Amy Lee told The Chess Drum that a Texas university was sending a team of five GMs and three IMs to the MC tournament. Maurice Ashley confirmed that the University of Texas-Dallas is the team and later added that Gata Kamsky has joined the rolls of Grandmasters bringing the total to over 50! Alexander Onischuk is the lone hold-out from the top 12 American players.

To date, MC #2 is approaching 600 entrants from more than 50 countries from around the world. It has come truly an international event and a global brand. In addition to the growing interest, the franchise has launched a number of promotions and commissioned Purling London company and artist Nette Robinson to produce a resplendent champion’s trophy. (Nette Robinson’s website) In other news, there was a video contest by MC participants which produced some very creative expressions and heartfelt testimonials. Needless to say, one in particular got the lion’s share of the votes and it will be announced in the coming days. Clips from these videos will be shown during the tournament broadcast. There will also be a pool party on Wednesday night from 8-10pm and two separate opening breakfasts, one Thursday morning for the 5-day schedule and one Friday for the 4-day schedule. Lastly, there will be MC paraphernalia sold at the venue. The monogrammed chess sets and boards sold after the event were definitely a winner last year and there may be more goodies to come!

This year is coming to a close and it is appropriate that the year is ending with a number of growing traditions on American soil including the Sinquefield Cup series and the Millionaire Chess Open. Experiencing a growing popularity, chess will benefit by putting on display its marquee players and certainly media outlets may want to ride the wave of the chess renaissance happening.

In America, a Bobby Fischer biopic “Pawn Sacrifice” is enjoying some initial success at the box office and it may get a surge in viewership in Vegas during the MC tournament. All-around, it will be a chess party of magnanimous proportions and you should there! Register by September 30th for the pre-tournament discount!

Thursday, October 8th through Monday, October 12th 2015


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