Watch Kassa Korley’s Banter Blitz!

IM Kassa Korley has begun posting “Banter Blitz” sessions on his YouTube channel. Banter Blitz is a relatively recent phenomena that players have been taping on chess24. The New York native has taped a few sessions of his blitz encounters in which he gives commentary during the games. Very interesting!


  1. IM Kassa Korley drew against U.S. Champ GM Gata Kamsky in Marshall November Masters tourney finishing 2nd.
    In same tournament, Josh Colas finished 4th ;beating U.S. Women’s Champ GM Irina Krush…again. He might have a decent record against her.

    1. OH yeah ive seen their chess , its pretty decent but they gotta hit the books a lil more, i rercall goin over Josh’s first rd game from Mo’s event and u can tell from an ULTRAMODERN point of view right away after 9e3! he need to do more SERIOUS Work at that point. Chessdrummers , Adia, what do u think any theories?

    2. Oh thanks Patzer by the way didnt realize that was ICC! lol havent played there since 2008! but they tell me in Buffalo their top gms on their practicin some funny knight tricks!!! hahaha!

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