TV deal for Millionaire Chess?

Ashley’s Millionaire Chess is looking for a breakthrough.

More developments in the multimedia space for the Millionaire Chess. No… it’s not the video contest that is ongoing until September 15th, nor is it another slick advertising video, but something on a much larger scale. The Millionaire Chess franchise is working with Sunset Lane Entertainment (SEL) to negotiate a possible TV deal with the likes of ESPN, CBS and NBC Sports to carry coverage of the tournament and supporting activities. The challenge?

The challenge is, as always, garnering the resources to pay for the production of the show(s). Although MC has hired Fat Chimp, the top chess production team in the business, to produce the Livestream online broadcast, the type of budget needed to take the show to the level of network television is an order of magnitude higher than justifiable based our current revenue stream. It will take well over a million dollars to get there, which may mean waiting until next year to try raise the necessary funds.

MC is looking for investors in this venture to see chess go to the next level. The investment would cover the production of the show and the distribution to potentially millions of households. While it will be a task for find investors, the mere fact that such a project is in discussion shows the potential that lies ahead.

Learn more about this venture here!

The 2015 Millionaire Chess Open

Thursday, October 8th through Monday, October 12th 2015


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