2015 Millionaire Chess Satellite (Johannesburg, S. Africa)

The field for the Tsogo Sun Millionaire Satellite has just been boosted by the inclusion of GM Kenny Solomon who confirmed his participation yesterday morning.

There are now only 4 days to go to the start of the third and final Satellite event tournament and players who still wish to participate are asked to register urgently at https://www.chessexcellence.com/ to avoid disappointment.

The starting list for the Champion section is now published at https://www.chess-results.com/tnr179449.aspx?lan=1 and will be updated daily moving forward.

The top 10 seeds are now all rated above 2100 and we look forward to the fight for the final ticket to Las Vegas!

~Kasparov Chess Foundation for Africa

GM-Elect Kenny Solomon
Photo by Jackie Fritz.


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  1. IM Mabusela on 6/6 at Millionaire Tourney!

    IM Johannes Mabusela with a clean sheet.
    Photo by Reint Dykema.

    IM Johannes Mabusela is in form as he leads the Millionaire Satellite tournament on 6/6 after beating GM Kenny Solomon (South Africa) in round six. The tournament is being held in Johannesburg and is the last of the satellite tournaments for the Millionaire Chess Open.

    The tournament has drawn over 100 players from countries in the southern part of Africa. IM Chitumbo Mwali (Zambia) is on 5.5/6 after beating IM Providence Oatlhotse (Botswana). Uganda’s FM Harold Wanyama and Nigeria’s IM Bunmi Olape were winners of the events held in Kenya and Nigeria, respectively.

    Mabusela will play white against Mwali in round seven and the games are being covered live on chess24.com.

    2015 Millionaire Satellite Chess Open (Johannesburg, RSA) - Round #6

    Games: https://chess24.com/en/watch/live-tournaments/tsogo-sun-2015/1/1/1

  2. Did white offer a draw when he had mate in 12 (Mosetlhe, Kgaugelo vs. Zwakala, Ntando)? The result on chess24 says “1/2”, but the final position has white winning convincingly.

  3. The last round of the Millionaire Chess Open has produced a 3 way playoff.

    The players involved will be IM Johannes Mabusela (RSA), IM Chitumba Mwali (Zambia) and IM Providence Oatlhotse (BOT).

    Playoff games are expected to start at approximately 19.15 for those that wish to follow.

    Time control will be 10/10 + 10 seconds per move with each player playing the other 2 players once in a round robin format.

    ~ Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa

  4. IM Providence Oatlhotse wins Millionaire Chess Satellite!

    IM Johannes Mabusela and IM Providence Oatlhotse
    posing before round #9.

    Botswana’s Providence Oatlhotse won the Tsogo Sun Millionaire Satellite Chess Festival. He beat both Johannes Mabusela and Chitumbo Mwali in the blitz tiebreak. In the rapid preceding, Mabusela beat Oathotse, Oatlhotse beat Mwali and Mwali beat Mabusela, so they went to blitz (5mins + 3secs). Oatlhotse outplayed both mating Mabusela on the board, winning a pawn and converting a technical position against Mwali.

    Tough for Mabusela who had won six in a row and only needed a draw in the 9th road to clinch his trip to Las Vegas. Mwali had already drawn. Mabusela lost the thread in the position and after 29.Bh7? Qc3! White was unable to defend his weakened queenside pawns and would force the three-player tiebreak… which the Motswana player won.

    IM Providence Oatlhotse
    Photos by Reint Dykema.

    Full report coming!

  5. Oatlhotse wins Millionaire Satellite in S. Africa!

    The Millionaire Chess Satellite tournament had thrills and spills as the tournament crown and spoils went to blitz tiebreaks after a three-way after regulation. IM Johannes Mabusela of South Africa had led through most of the tournament scoring six wins in a row before taking a short draw with IM Chitumbo Mwali of Zambia. Nevertheless, he was one point ahead of last round opponent IM Providence Oatlhotse with the white pieces.

    IM Johannes Mabusela and IM Providence Oatlhotse
    posing before round #9.

    In fact, it appeared that Mabusela was headed to Las Vegas when Chitumbo accept a seven-move draw from Benjamin Hercules to end on 7.5/9 in the last round. Meanwhile, Mabusela was gripped in a tense battle with Botswana’s IM Providence Oatlhotse in a Queen’s Indian. Mabulsela seemed to overextend his center with 15.e5 as play thereafter favored black.

    After 28.Nd6?! black countered with 28…Nb4! and the momentum swung after 29.Bh7? Qc3! At this point two of white’s pieces were out of play as black pressed and ultimately won two pawns. The move 37…Bc5 would simplify into a trivial win. With Chitumbo’s brisk draw and Oatlhotse’s win over Mabusela, all three finished with 7.5/9 and would compete in a rapid playoff. Time control will be 10/10 + 10 seconds per move in a round robin format.

    Position after 29…Qc3! turning the tide for black.

    In the rapid, the play was fast and furious as the optimal results rolled in… Mabusela beat Oathotse, Oatlhotse beat Mwali and Mwali beat Mabusela! With yet another tie they would go to blitz. The format would be 5/5 + 3 seconds. Oatlhotse is very fond of blitz and it was certainly to his advantage. He showed his class in this format.

    In the first game Oatlhotse-Mabusela, the game appeared to be headed for a draw before the board exploded. With both players playing on the increment, black’s king ended up in a mating net on the queenside! Mabusela goes from being a draw away from Vegas to relying on Mwali to keep hope alive.

    IM Chitumbo Mwali in the opening
    against IM Providence Oatlhotse during the blitz finale.

    In Mwali-Oatlhotse, white played the Alapin against the Sicilian and got nothing significant. In fact, a move order error allow black to cripple black’s position and get a grip on the queenside. Black consolidated his advantage on the queenside and outplayed white in a time scramble. It was a smooth win for the Motswana player and his 2/2 score brought home victory. (see video of final minute)

    IM Providence Oatlhotse raises arms in triumph!
    Photos by Reint Dykema.

    Results: https://www.chess-results.com/tnr179449.aspx?lan=1
    Games: https://chess24.com/en/watch/live-tournaments/tsogo-sun-2015/1/1/1
    Drum: https://www.thechessdrum.net/blog/2015/07/11/2015-millionaire-chess-satellite-johannesburg-s-africa/

  6. With a first name like providence, it’s appropriate for him to show his wisdom by coming out on top of the field. Well done and Congratulations!

    1. Botswana has one of the most active federations, but players rarely get to play abroad. The Millionaire Chess Open will be quite tough and the strongest competition he has faced to date.

  7. I am just wondering if the format for these satellite tournaments are producing the very best players to compete in arguably the toughest tournament in the United States. I was looking forward to seeing Kenny at MC#2. IM providence will surely be tested!

    1. The three coming do not get the opportunities to play abroad much, but they will be at home in Vegas. Maybe a bit nervous, but all are Olympiad veterans many times over. Strong opponents at Olympiad learn very quickly not to underestimate African players. They will get some upsets.

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