Emory Tate sighting in Europe!

IM Emory Tate
Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

Chris Torres, President of the Torres Chess and Music runs an interesting blog called, “Chess Musings“. Recently, he ran a recent story about “Drum Major” and International Master Emory Tate.

Known around the world (and of course to The Chess Drum audience), some may know that Tate is now based in northern California where he is spreading his knowledge of chess as a teacher and trainer. Tate is currently in Europe participating in tournaments and scored a sparkling 6/6 result at the Pathena Open in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

According to the report, Tate will play in Llucmajor, Spain next. Torres annotates one of his games… a Sozin Attack against the Najdorf Sicilian. Hold on to your hats!

Chris Torres, “Emory Tate’s European Tour de Force,” https://chessmusings.wordpress.com/2015/05/10/emory-tates-european-tour-de-force/


  1. Oh interesting Chessdrummers it kinda reminds me when i was studying Ultramodernisms back in the 90s and Joel Benjamin went over there to compete and i was study some of his stuff back then, i wonder have the chessbookwriter Eric Schiller ever took his chess SERIOUSLY. Chessdrummers i talk with Schiller on the facebook pages and he seems to like that word! lol. I asked him have he ever studied American Chess and he started givin me names of American players, ya know fisher and them guys, its a typical response from a traditionalist although it doesnt answer the question! hes a funny dude though, nice books though! deuces.

  2. Emory Tate used to live in Indiana where I currently reside and he is a six time Indiana State Champion (*til’ 2009). A real beast at the board from some of the stories I’ve heard of players who’ve had to face him. I’m glad he is still active in the tournament scene. I wonder though if he is trying to get GM norms in these tournaments?

  3. Sup Drummers? Gotta Love the title on this one! A Tate Sighting! lol Its like a UFO or something!!! hahaha.

  4. The problem for Tate is a familiar hindrance, funding. It’s not enough to just play in one or two overseas tournament and assume you will get your GM Norms. You need adequate funding that will enable you to continually play in those types of tournament to adjust before you can start receiving return on your investment. He’s been down that road before and suddenly he vanishes. A super talent who is still trying to find his way in this multifaceted world of chess.

  5. He has had a number of issues. During his ascent in the 70s and 80s there were very few GM norm tournaments. So while he beat a ton of GMs, they were usually in tournaments that were not FIDE-rated. The USCF has had a pretty bad history with FIDE and few of the tournaments were FIDE standard. The New York Open and Lone Pine were exceptions.

  6. I am trying and doing my best to avoid having to face similar problem. I am not sure if people are scanning my comments here, but I have to count my blessings as the Canadians are starting to show an interest in my son. They have invited him to play in one of their norm tournaments. I hope more federation continue to extend invitations to him.

  7. Sup Drummies, ive noticed that most chessplayers believe that Tate might have made gm if he was perhaps in a better positions economically that way he would have the ability to participate in more traditional gm norm tournys, maybe this is true.I would also like to add that the Ideas of the Traditionalist may also be at fault becuz i realize as an Ultramodern player he would make this same gm title quite easily , ive studied his chess and its basically obvious really! UM AT THE BUFFALO PUBLIC LIBRARY right now just listening to all the stuff the TRADITIONALIST are sayin on their chess sites, they funny! ya know i can tell they dont realize how much work it took to become ULTRAMODERN its clear by the errors in their gm games with the knight trick , just look at it SERIOUSLY! lol i get that word from the chessbookwriter Eric Schiller on facebook , hes a funny dude! DEUCES.

  8. he is a legend and might need to be this under ground figure that pops up every few years in different parts of the world to keep the legendary status going, what a great mind!

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