Besomeone Inc., “Life is Chess, Not Checkers”

Orrin Hudson of Besomeone Incorporated is holding a seminar designed to empower the attendees in his trademark motivational style. On a goal to teach a million students, Hudson’s story is well-known and for the past 14 years he has been encouraging youth to steer away from violence and make better decisions. He has traveled the country with this message and he will continue in Atlanta with his “Life is Chess, Not Checkers” event. Be there!

Back by popular demand, just in time for the summer…

Be Someone, Inc. presents

“Life is Chess, Not Checkers”
Must RSVP at
Fairfield Inn and Suites
7850 Stonecrest Square
Lithonia, GA, 30038
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
May 30, 2015

Learn how to unlock your creativity with a wide array of strategies
problem solving techniques, decision-making, and
critical-thinking from Orrin Checkmate Hudson

“For every move, whether it is in the game of chess or the game of life, there is a consequence. Let me teach you how to make the right moves!”

Heads up… pants up… grades up… and never give up!

About Be Someone

Founded in 2001, Be Someone is a non-profit crime prevention program aimed at the youth of America. Be Someone teaches self-esteem, responsibility and analytical thinking skills to at-risk youth through numerous tools, including the game of chess. Be Someone also offers inspirational programs for corporations and parents, designed to foster teamwork and encourage participation in the lives of children. If you are interested in donating, volunteering or learning more about Be Someone, please visit

Be Someone, Inc.
Orrin Checkmate Hudson
Speaker, Master Strategist & Motivator
949 Stephenson Road
Stone Mountain, GA 30087

Telephone: 770-465-6445


  1. That’s true Ian. It’s a metaphor, but of course could be taken as a slight to “draff”. People identify checkers with the child’s game they grew up playing and chess with a grown-ups game.

    However, they would never understand the level of checkers of a Ron “Suki” King or draughts “African Lion”, Jean-Marc Djofang.

  2. Well done! I just got a chance to speak with CHESSLIFE ONLINE today and one of the ideas i have been using since ICC of 1998 was to introduce an ULTRAMODERN FLUCTUATING RATING SYSTEM vs their traditional gms ive been competiing with them since that time and it seems to cofuse the classical chess a bit! Gotta run more test on cuz i believe the current systems maybe dated a bit, maybe that could be one reason some of the women arent scorin so well with some of the higher guys!!!

  3. Sup drummassss!!! oh so ur not impressed with my ULTRAMODERN FLUCTUATIN RATIN SYSTEM , huh? well maybe after some of the top guys start talkin about in now that they readin this maybe u will say to urself AHHAA!!! GENIUS! ok we will wait and see but it might take them a while they gotta study it first! ULTRAMODERN!!!

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