Millionaire Chess deadline 3-31-15!

Plans for Millionaire Chess Open are at full steam, but the deadline of the $1000 entry fee is fast approaching. The fee will go up to US$1250 after March 31st. Already more than 300 players have registered for the tournament that drew nearly 600 players last year.

Wesley So was the big winner and has signed up. Will he repeat?
Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

There are some exciting developments with Hikaru Nakamura, defending champion Wesley So and Chinese star Wang Hao registering. There was also an announcement that MC and Planet Hollywood came to an agreement and hotel registration is now possible. Here is the announcement from the MC website,

Planet Hollywood will again be the host for the Millionaire Chess Open!

“With all the contractual details now out of the way, Planet Hollywood has finally released the all important hotel code that chess players can use to book their rooms at a discount. MC spent loads of time and effort securing a batch of rooms to accommodate the projected number of players looking for top-notch sleeping arrangements. It’s more guesswork than science since it’s impossible to know in advance just how many participants will play in the event. Despite the lack of information, our company still had to commit to a specific number of rooms as well as be on the hook for the bill if these rooms are not booked. It’s a tightrope that every organizer must walk, and it could mean the difference between a successful event and a disaster based on paying an exorbitant amount for unfilled rooms.”

With the tournament in full swing and registration ticking up, it looks to be another success event. If this tournament exceeds expectations, then it may become the mainstay that other marquee tournaments like the World Open and National Open.


The 2015 Millionaire Chess Open

Thursday, October 8th through Monday, October 12th 2015


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