Day: February 21, 2015

  • Drum Majors

    The Drum Majors of Chess: Part Three

    Chess enthusiasts and supporters, Chess Grandmaster. That title carries a ring of prestige… an aura of honor. It is a coveted title worn by only a relative few. Unfortunately, few in the Black community have been fortunate enough to reach such chess attainment. In the first two segments of this…

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  • Rwanda chess making strides!

    Mini-Chess Seminar Following the success of the 40th Year TPLF Anniversary Cup in Ethiopia, the focus now moves to Rwanda where MiniChess master trainer Malusi Lekalakala has just completed another successful series of training sessions. Malusi Lekalakala conducting the “train the trainers” seminar. Malusi was in the country from the…

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  • Ethiopia-Kenya-Uganda build chess bridges!

    Chess Kenya and the Ethiopian Chess Federation recently held a tournament in Mekele, Tigrai, Ethiopia to foster a better sense of cooperation in the region. Bordering Kenya on the northeast, a Kenyan delegation traveled to partake in the festival at the same time the country was celebrating the 40th Year…

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