2014 African Individual Championships (Windhoek, Namibia)

The African Individual Chess Championship has begun in Windhoek, Namibia and three spots for the World Cup qualifying tournament are up for grabs. The Namibia Chess federation (NCF) is playing host to the annual event which has attracted GM Ahmed Adly along with IM Kenny Solomon (three GM norms). There are six additional IMs with 32 players in the men’s section and 20 in the women’s. Unfortunately the tournament is considerably weaker than last year’s contest in Tunisia. The venue is the Safari Court Hotel & Conference Centre and the competition lasts from December 12th to December 23rd, 2014.

2014 African Individual Chess Championships
December 12th – December 23rd, 2014 (Windhoek, Namibia)
Men’s Section
1 Adly, Ahmed GM Egypt
2 Cawdery, Daniel IM S. Africa
3 Farahat, Ali GM Egypt
4 Solomon, Kenny IM S. Africa
5 Jere, Daniel IM Zambia
6 Chumfwa, Stanley IM Zambia
7 Kayonde, Andrew IM Zambia
8 Ameir, Moheb IM Egypt
9 Kigigha, Bomo CM Nigeria
10 Van Den Heever, Donovan FM S. Africa
11 Wanyama, Harold FM Uganda
12 Simoes, Joao CM Angola
13 Fawole, John Oyeyemi CM Nigeria
14 Olebile, Thato FM Botswana
15 Osunfuyi, Abimbola Nigeria
16 Klaasen, Calvin Jong FM S. Africa
17 Degondo, Simplice Armel FM Cote d’Ivoire
18 Phiri, Richmond FM Zambia
19 Gator, Mosab FM Libya
20 Nyambalo, Joseph Xavier CM Malawi
21 Mwale Joseph Malawi
22 Magana, Ben CM Kenya
23 Handjaba, McLean CM Nambia
24 Chimthere, Alfred Charles Malawi
25 Khoa, Goodwill Nambia
26 Abrantes, Persson CM Mozambique
27 Anquandah, Francis Eric Ghana
28 Hoareau, Benjamin CM Seychelles
29 Fumey, Enyonam Sewa Togo
30 Botse, Koffi Togo
31 Almeida, Filisberto Pimentel Sao Tome Principe
32 Kamberipa, William Nambia
Women’s Section
1 Wafa, Shrook WGM Egypt
2 Frick, Denise WIM South Africa
3 Tembo, Epah WFM Zambia
4 Solomons, Anzel WIM S. Africa
5 Hamoonga, Linda Banti WCM Zambia
6 Vilhete, Vania Fausto WIM Mozambique
7 Mbatha Constance WCM Zambia
8 Francis Onkemetse WIM Botswana
9 Rosalina, Sonia Botswana
10 Du Toit, Sune WFM S. Africa
11 Nepando, Jolly WCM Namibia
12 Fisher, Michelle WCM S. Africa
13 Gondwe, Vitumbiko Malawi
14 Rabiu, Olabisi WCM Nigeria
15 Tjaronda Nicola Namibia
16 Tjatindi Kamutuua Namibia
17 Mentile Lishen Namibia
18 Esse, Akua Kosife WCM Togo
19 Eulentin, Jessee Seychelles
20 Ofowino, Toritsemuwa Nigeria
Standings (Men, Women)


  1. African individual Chess Championship 2014 is surely one of the most competitive event i have witnessed “The added incentive is that the winner will not only be fighting for the top cash prize but will also be fighting for the over-the-board award of the Grandmaster title in the open section and the Woman Grandmaster title in the women’s section,” he added during the official opening ceremony of the championships. this is evident from the last round pairings https://www.akinov.blogspot.com/2014/12/african-individual-chess-championships_21.html

  2. King Solomon reigns at 2014 African Championship!

    It has been a long journey for Kenny Solomon. Following in the footsteps of his older brothers, he charted a course to chess excellence. His destiny would be etched in history when he learned chess at the age of 13. His story has been captured in countless interviews including one appearing in the South African Press Association.

    IM Kenny Solomon
    Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

    In another interview with The Chess Drum back in 2003, he stated… “My goals are plain and simple… to become a GM and then take it from there.” Nearly a decade later, he earned his first at the 2012 Open Internazionale “Città di Padova” and then earned a double norm at the Chess Olympiad in Istanbul. This qualified him for the title if he reached the 2500 ELO mark. The road has been a bit bumpy for the South African as he has found the ELO points hard to come by having added a family as part of his responsibilities.

    Nevertheless, at the 2014 African Individual Championship, Solomon won on tiebreaks over GM Ahmed Adly giving him his first continental title and qualifying him for the World Championships cycle. Solomon defeated Adly in their head-to-head battle in round five. Adly on the other hand, lost another game to FM Calvin Jong Klaasen of South Africa and had to win all other games to earn his qualification. IM Ali Farahat of Egypt came in third on 6.5/9.

    GM Ahmed Adly (left) was upset twice, but still got 7/9 and qualified for the world championship cycle. Here he is shown winning against Nigeria’s John Fawole.

    There was a bit of confusion over whether Solomon had earned his GM title. He has the required three norms, but FIDE requires a 2500 rating to confirm the title. In the past, winning the African Championship will earn the IM title (outright) and a GM norm. However, there was a condition stated at the opening ceremony that the winner would receive the full GM title for winning outright. Had Solomon won sole first he would have forgone the last 100 ELO points and earned the title. This would have been the first such occurrence in the African Championships.

    Unfortunately, the tournament was considerably weaker than the 2013 version and had only one GM, but was well-represented with 14 nations competing (Sao Tome & Principe, Ghana, Libya, Namibia, Botswana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Algeria, Seychelles, Malawi, Egypt, Nigeria, Zambia and South Africa). This is indeed a good sign for future participation. However, the game scores were filled with errors as players did not take care to record the moves correctly. There must be an adherence to this FIDE rule to avoid any problems.

    The Chief Arbiter for the event was International Arbiter Gunther van den Bergh (South Africa) with FIDE Arbiters Simbarashe Murimi (Zimbabwe), El-Shaddai Aluteni (Namibia) and Webster Muyabi (Zambia).

    * * *

    Standings (Men, Women)
    Games (Men, Women)

  3. Daaim, please correct the introductory line of this article from Tunis, Tunisia to Windhoek, Namibia.
    Also please note that the top three places in each section of this edition qualified for the 2015-2016 African Chess Confederation Grand Prix Circuit. The qualifying event for the 2015 World Cup will be held in Egypt from May 1 to 12, 2015.

  4. African Chess Confederation to increase publicity
    and communication about chess in Africa

    December 21, 2014

    by Oliver Shalala in Namibia, Windhoek

    African Chess Confederation (ACC) president Lewis Ncube this afternoon reiterated the need for chess programmes and activities in Africa to be highlighted to all federations in Africa and to the whole world.

    “We need to come up with strategies to ensure there is good communication among chess stakeholders to develop the sport in the continent. We also need to ensure there is good publicity of African chess programmes and activities so that the work being done in Africa is known by all,” said Mr Ncube during the ACC Events and Publicity Commission meeting held parallel to the Africa Individual Chess Championships in Windhoek, Namibia.

    ACC President Lewis Ncube, Commission Chairman and Namibian Chess Federation President Otto Nakapunda and ACC Secretary General and Togolese Chess Federation President Fumey Enyonam Sewa.

    Mr Ncube also bemoaned the luck of profiling of African achievements in chess.

    “We will need to recognise the great chess players we have in Africa and encourage others to match their performance or do better.”

    The meeting which had commission members representing all zones of Africa came up with strategies to get information about chess in Africa being shared as widely and as timely as possible.

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