Day: August 10, 2014

  • African tensions boil at 2014 Olympiad

    The battle for the office of FIDE President is perhaps the most important event during this two week Olympiad. While the games were to take place at 2:00pm, the continental meetings took place today at 9:00am at the Radisson Blu Hotel. One of the main topics was the election for…

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  • 2014 Chess Olympiad: Round #7

    Top Boards (Open) Cuba 1½-2½ Azerbaijan Czech Republic 3-1 Russia Norway 1 1½-2½ Germany Serbia ½-3½ China Bulgaria 3-1 Netherlands Full Results Magnus Carlsen vs. Arkadij Naiditsch, 0-1.Photo Paul Truong. One of the shocks of the round was not Germany’s win over Norway, but the fact that Magnus Carlsen bungled…

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