2014 Chess Olympiad: Opening Ceremonies

A record number of teams have assembled in Tromso, Norway for the biennial Chess Olympiad. Approximately 1800 players from a total of 174 nations far and wide will compete in the coming two weeks for a chance at Olympiad glory.

One of the most interesting occurrences of the Olympiad is the arrival of the teams and their colorful traveling uniforms. Initial impressions of what may become fashion statements throughout the event. It is quite a spectacle and the players walk around proudly with patriotic garments and accessories.

Teams will don national colors and cultural throughout the event!
Photo by Peter Doggers/Chess.com.

Teams will don national colors and cultural throughout the event!
Photo by Peter Doggers/Chess.com.

IM Chitumbo Mwali of Zambia looking very smart in cap and scarf. Ethiopians in backgrounds with their colorful uniforms! Photo by chess24.com.

The Opening Ceremonies represents the crescendo or build up to the event. There was the official welcome from the Siv Jensen, Minister of Finance who gave effusive praise (rightfully so) to Norwegian Magnus Carlsen… “With Magnus Carlsen as World Champion it’s kind of fitting to have an Olympiad here.”

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov opened the event and of course the anticipation was riding high on what hopes to be a wonderful event. Garry Kasparov was “pressing the flesh” as his campaigning was in full gear.

Garry Kasparov making an impression accompanied by his wife and running mates Ian Wilkinson and Ignatius Leong. Photos by Peter Doggers/Chess.com.

There are a multitude of ways to follow the action with the advent of social media and multimedia capability. Some of the links are provided in the frame below and others will be added.

The Chess Drum will be covering the event live during the second half of the tournament! Following is a short video from the opening event.

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